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ReganStein – Bringing a New Wave of Management Consulting to Canada

Joe Aherne, CEO the Leading Edge Group of Companies has announced today the expansion of disruption management consulting business, ReganStein, to Canada, commencing operations in January 2020. The company is currently recruiting a Canadian VP for Business Development and hopes to expand the business rapidly across Canada in the coming years.

World Mental Health Day 2019

Did you know that today is World Mental Health Day? It is promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is observed on October 10th every year. The objective of this day is to raise awareness about mental health issues globally and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. The World Health Organization defines

Cyber Security In Your Business

It’s everyone’s business. A Cyber Security plan for your business is as important as figuring out your organogram.

ReganStein Launches Radio Campaign

ReganStein is proud to announce the launch of its national radio campaign which you can listen to below or tune into Newtalk and RTE Radio 1.  

Cyber Security: A Complete Definition

To understand cyber security, you must start with your business.

Irish SMEs face a once in a generation challenge irrespective of what form Brexit takes

Competing in a Post-Brexit World Irish SMEs need to make significant productivity gains if they are to survive the fallout from Brexit

HR & IT Infographic

Do you require assistance with your HR pracitces? Contact ReganStein today see what we can do for you.

HR & IT, A Struggling Partnership

There's a disconnect in the tech industry  The technology industry is booming, from social media, block chain, virtual reality and everything else in between. And while good news stories about the tech sector abound it’s not all positive, with many companies particularly struggling to maintain staff morale and experiencing a high staff turnover. The software

GDPR with Philipa Farley

Listen to GDPR specialist Philipa Farley discuss the implications of GDPR with Dublin City FM.


Tips to ensure networking success We are all aware that effective networking provides an extremely cost-effective way of promoting yourself and your business. However, even the most confident of us can sometimes struggle to work the room. Here are our tips to ensure that when the opportunity arises you will be able to network like

GDPR related fines rack up across Europe

Danish Data Protection Agency, fine taxi company €160 000 for not deleting personal data in time while Norway’s DPA, Datatilsynet charge a Municipality €170,000 for having one file saved in the wrong location. In France CNIL imposes a significant fine of €400,000 on a Property Management Company.       Denmark Following an inspection by

ReganStein launches teaser video

ReganStein has brought a new approach to management consulting services in Ireland. With a strong focus on client engagement and knowledge transfer back to the organisations we work with along with providing handpicked subject matter experts for your tactical business projects, we feel we can offer something different to the traditional consulting firms currently in

1 in 3 parents work too late to put their child to bed

Job Site, Indeed.com has carried out research into the work/life balance of people with children with all research suggesting that more flexible working conditions are required. But it’s not just parents who are suffering. Other research conducted by Dublin Airport Central states that only 13% of staff consider they have a good work/life balance and

Why you should bike to work

As it is national bike to work day we’ve decided to look into the benefits of cycling to work rather than driving. There is the obvious health impact it has on the environment but there are also health benefits and cost benefits to swapping the car for a bike. Cost According to the AA the

Brexit Toolkit

Brexit and SME's With a ‘hard’ Brexit still very much a possibility what does it really mean for your business?  Unfortunately there is no definitive answer yet but at ReganStein we have identified potential issues that companies face as Brexit moves forward and have developed some tips on how to minimise a negative impact on