Maintaining that Human Connection

There has been a lot of focus on how to work from home and what products or services you can use to ensure you are working effectively but what about the human connection? You’re meant to work at work (obviously) but for a lot of people work is where their friends and acquaintances are so it can be a blow to lose that connection. That small talk while you’re making a coffee can make a big difference to your day. As humans we are creatures of habit so losing that routine (which for most of us is a solid 40 hours a week) can have a major effect on us mentally.

So how can you work safely from home but still have the social engagement you would experience when in the office.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace is a dedicated and secure working space for organisations to connect, communicate and collaborate. Businesses of all sizes can use familiar Facebook features like news feed, groups, messages and events to get things done – that’s Facebooks’ description of their work focused social network. Anyone who is familiar with Facebook for their own personal use will recognise all the feature as it’s practically the same thing but with a work focus. It’s like a more relaxed LinkedIn but only for your company network. The company sets up its own network on Workplace and then staff set up their own profiles to join the network.

The profile you use is completely separate from your personal account so you don’t need to worry about over sharing.

Video Call Lunch

Maybe wait until you’re done eating but why not use one of the many video call platforms out there to enable you to chat with co-workers virtually. Get a group together and give it a go. It’s a relatively straight forward concept that might brighten your day up a bit.

Get Creative

A lot of offices would have monthly or quarterly events that boost employee engagement e.g. competitions. We know of companies where each department have competed against each other to create the most festive door in the office at Christmas. These events don’t have to stop. They just need to be adapted to suit the current circumstances. The above example of decorating doors could be moved to Canva with teams sharing their designs virtually.


It can be a bit formal for general interaction but if that’s the type of interaction you want with your co-workers then why not start using it more actively to chat with liaise with your colleagues.

Overall make a bit more of an effort to reach out. Some of us have partners, families or friends to interact with when we’re at home but for others they may be on their own so a small gesture makes a big difference to their day.

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