What are the 9 key steps to empowering your “remote” staff during the COVID-19 crisis?

An immediate issue facing us all during COVID-19 is managing business continuity with the majority of our staff working from home. Companies are now suddenly required to manage/empower “virtual” teams with no processes or systems in place to support it.

What are the 9 key steps to empowering your “remote” staff during the COVID-19 crisis?

    1. Develop a company-wide process for empowering virtual teams
    2. Maximise the effectiveness of your teams through measuring and profiling their personality traits for remote working
    3. Implement a daily accountability process for teams using simple virtual collaboration tools
    4. Use standard work practices and virtual templates e.g. standard agendas and guidelines
    5. Manage the problem escalation process through problem solving coaching for team members – Toyota Kata
    6. Keep focusing on the repeating issues that cause tasks/work to get stuck
    7. Introduce change management training to align behaviours and attitudes to new business requirements
    8. Conduct effective communications training and ongoing mentoring of teams, supervisors and staff
    9. Introduce weekly team reporting on progress and effectiveness

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