1 in 3 parents work too late to put their child to bed

Job Site, Indeed.com has carried out research into the work/life balance of people with children with all research suggesting that more flexible working conditions are required. But it’s not just parents who are suffering. Other research conducted by Dublin Airport Central states that only 13% of staff consider they have a good work/life balance and under a survey carried out by the British Department of Health 25% of people suffering mental health issues feel that it is due to work.

Dublin Airport Centrals’ research suggested that some people only required minor changes in their workplace to improve their morale such as quality tea & coffee or a place to relax. There are of course other more significant changes suggested such as flexible working hours or the new ideology of the 4 day work week instead of 5. The overall consensus across much of the recent research is that staff require a much better work-life balance than they are currently receiving.

Look at our infographic below to see the findings from Indeed.com.

Work life balance info-graphic