ReganStein to Focus on The Third Eye

The Third Eye is the ability to see what might be; potential. Often a business has potential, but expertise or specific knowledge is missing.

Crucially, however, the financial wherewithal or the business standing can be insufficient to create a senior role and attract the big-hitters in a particular industry. So business potential isn’t realised, or not as speedily as it might be!

ReganStein, a resource for business expertise available to industry quickly and efficiently, has been recently established in the Irish market to fill this marketplace gap.

The company facilitates the immediate supply of senior management specialists for strategic and tactical business roles, on a basis that suits the business model and need.

ReganStein’s panel of experienced professionals provides specialised and in-depth knowledge and expertise in areas that span the full supply chain – from economic impact studies, data protection, international growth strategies, protective disclosures, HR regulations, exit planning, peer mentoring and research. A veritable ‘one stop shop’ for business in Ireland.

Short-term planning roles, ongoing consultation, and once-off projects are accommodated, with the resource augmentation business also providing a cost-efficient option where unexpected events create an urgent gap in a business.

Economist Jim Power, seasoned International Sales Driver Kieran Sheahan, Lauren Kierans, legal expert in protected disclosures and Caroline Sweeney, experienced HR consultant, are some of our partners on the ReganStein panel.

ReganStein was founded by Joe Aherne of the Leading Edge Group, global consultants in continuous business process improvement, corporate training and education.

The ReganStein proposition is to deliver instant business expertise that is more convenient and cost-effective than either hiring staff or engaging a large unwieldy consultancy firm, the Cork businessman maintains.

“Businesses need to manage commercial projects and tasks from a competitive cost-base and achieve a strong ROI. Flexible experienced professionals, available when needed, is an appealing proposition for any business”, Aherne says.

Professionals looking to sign-up with the specialist panel need at least a decade’s experience in senior management roles, and a unique skill-set and knowledge within their sector.

This type of flexible work will suit a variety of professionals at different career stages, Joe Aherne says.

“ReganStein experts include established freelancers and people who have run their own business or worked at a senior level in various organisations. Individuals looking for flexibility in the timing or duration of roles, and those who thrive on broad variety in managing challenging projects are most suited”.