Do you Urgently Need a Remote Working Strategy?

We at ReganStein have assembled a team of experts in HR, Legal, Data Protection, Health & Safety, and Design all under the one roof that can provide an integrated solution to your needs. Please contact us here to arrange a call. Please note that if you are a small/medium IDA company working in Ireland you can avail of Business Continuity Support.

If you find that you are struggling to answer any of the following questions confidently, we would strongly suggest getting in touch so we can discuss potential options for you.

  • Have you carried out a current state analysis on managers, supervisors, and staff working preferences?
  • Have you reviewed your HR policy/staff contractual terms with regard to off-site working?
  • Have you reviewed your health & safety policy?
  • What data protection/data security issues have resulted from your staff working from home?
  • Have you issued guidelines to staff on new working practices e.g. new working hours, downtime, availability outside of “normal” working hours etc. ?
  • Are there any legal obligations on the employer/employee in this new relationship?
  • Do you have a strategy and road map to manage the roll out of structured remote working best practice?
  • Are you aware of employer and employee benefits of working from home?
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