A Revolutionary New Concept in Leadership

For more than 100 years, leadership development has been viewed narrowly through the lens of the leader’s personality and their behaviours. This was appropriate for the analog era where business conditions changed slowly. The fast-changing digital times we now live in require a new approach to leadership development, one based on leadership processes rather than leadership behaviours.

Speed Leadership

Anyone who works is in fact engaged in a process. Speed Leadership shows how to understand leadership as a process, and explains why there is a pressing need to improve leadership processes. The methodology guides leaders to develop simple methods for improving processes that are customised to their own individual personal or company needs.

Do you find yourself experiencing these problems as in your leadership role?

  • Inconsistency in leadership style
  • Poor execution
  • Slow response times
  • Poor quality information
  • Poor information flow
  • Work overload and confusion
  • Low employee morale
  • Struggling to keep up with the times

Speed Leadership takes leadership from an art to a science, where time, information, and information flow are the most critical parameters for leadership and business success. This method of leadership is the simplest way to improve leadership and completely avoid the cost, time, or complexity of business or personal transformation. Speed Leadership is practical, specific, actionable, and measurable helping you do what you do better. Much better.

The approach is practical and can immediately be put into use. This new leadership style:

  • Makes your job as a leader easier
  • Allows you to help employees do a good work quickly and effectively
  • Eliminates delays and errors
  • Improves leadership impact and interpersonal skills

The great differentiator is the speed and precision of leadership decision-making giving you a new design for leadership that fits with your current way of doing business.

ReganStein has partnered with leading guru in Speed Leadership, Dr. Bob Emiliani, to run a Masterclass in both Dublin and Cork in May 2019. Limited availability. Click here to find out more.