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ReganStein, A Leading Edge Group Company, is redefining the management consulting sector, offering highly experienced consultants for strategic and tactical business projects.

ReganStein’s rigorously selected and “hand-picked” consultants, provide specialised, in-depth knowledge and expertise in areas that span the full supply chain. A veritable ‘one stop shop’ for business and public sector organisations in Ireland.

We have developed pods of excellence in specific areas such as Data Protection and Compliance, ICT/Digital Strategy, Business Development and Sales, Quality Assurance and Control, Supply Chain and Health Economics, where we can offer a specialist consultant or a tailored consultant team depending on your requirements.

Why ReganStein?

  • Specialist (not generalist) experienced consultancy support available to industry quickly and efficiently under one roof
  • More cost competitive than traditional management consulting firms – while supported by our parent company, the Leading Edge Group based in Cobh, the ReganStein office is virtual with few overheads allowing us to run a ‘lean’ and extremely cost competitive business
  • Strong client ROI is generated for you, directly resulting from the experience and maturity of our consultant teams. Our consultants verify the ROI at the end of each assignment through a combination of client feedback validated by results (value calculator)
  • Time taken to properly scope your requirements before providing a solution. With over 23 years’ experience within the Leading Edge Group, the CEO is acutely aware of the requirements of the industry and the changing nature of the service

Looking for a First-Class Business Specialist?