Speed Leadership – A New Way to Lead

Speed Leadership – A New Way to Lead for Rapidly Changing Times

Ever wondered if your leadership skills might be letting you down?

In Speed Leadership: A New Way to Lead for Rapidly Changing Times, Professor Bob Emiliani explores the technical and behavioural errors that can cause confusion and conflict in your organisation, as well as pinpointing best practice techniques to break the cycle – from the top down.

What is Speed Leadership?

At its heart, this approach is all about enabling effective information flow by eliminating the common leadership mistakes that can blunt your company’s competitive edge.

Starting at the top of the organisation as a daily practice, this approach ensures that accurate information guides all activities, behaviour, decision making and strategy, enabling leaders to recognise and address problems fast.

Unblocking Information

Leaders are information nodes in a multitude of processes; their working day involves receiving, processing and conveying information to various internal and external stakeholders. Unfortunately, in every process, things can (and do) go wrong, due to slow or inefficient leadership.

Yet in most cases, leaders don’t recognise their errors, exposing subordinates and stakeholders to a distorted and blocked information flow. The outcome: dissatisfied employees, and a dysfunctional organisation with zero innovation.

Help is at hand. Understanding leadership as a process frees leaders to see errors as process problems, not people problems. This, in turn, enables them to improve the processes in which they are involved.

Inspiring Change

By providing practical insight on common leadership errors, Bob Emiliani challenges leaders to improve their approach. Most leadership tasks can be narrowed down to 15 key processes, with familiar pitfalls that many leaders fall into for each one. From ignoring problems and making ad hoc decisions, to cultivating a climate of fear by belittling or berating people, these behaviours create stressful working environments. Taking time to address these process errors can have far-reaching, positive results. After all, leaders are responsible for the health of an organisation and its results, both financial and non-financial. Leaders who are not process oriented set unrealistic goals and ignore subordinates, which can negatively impact employee morale, quality of work and productivity.

Employees are the lifeblood of an organisation.  If their time is not maximised, their potential is wasted. To this end, Speed Leadership can transform the leadership process. It provides key skills for competent leaders, fully equipped to inspire an engaged workforce, and with all the attributes required to maximise employee potential.


Portrait of Bob Emiliani
Bob Emiliani


Bob Emiliani is a professor, researcher, author and historian of progressive management. He is also an executive trainer with over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and service industries, where he had front-line responsibility for implementing TPS/ Lean principles and practices.


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