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Do you want to develop your leadership skills and strengthen how you influence?

For more than 100 years, leadership development has been viewed narrowly through the lens of the leader’s personality and behaviors. The fast-changing digital times we now live in require a new approach to leadership development, one based on leadership processes rather than leadership behaviours.

ReganStein has partnered with Bob Emiliani, an innovator in management thinking and practice, to bring Speed Leadership events to Ireland. Events are being held in Dublin on the 14th of May and in Cork on the 16th of May. Don’t miss out on these exciting events click the buttons below to book your tickets today.

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What is Speed Leadership?

For over 100 years, the view of leadership has been behavioral. Speed Leadership takes a process view of leadership. Most of what leaders do is defined by 15 recurring leadership processes. Improve the processes to improve the leadership! Speed Leadership moves leadership forward to processes and cause-and-effect. Speed Leadership solves long-standing problems to greatly improve leadership and business performance. Speed Leadership helps you do what you do better. Much Better.

About Your Trainer

Bob Emiliani is a professor, researcher, author and historian of progressive management. He is also an executive trainer with over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and service industries, where he had front-line responsibility for implementing TPS/ Lean principles and practices.

Find out more about Professor Bob Emiliani here.

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