Sea PortCyber Security

Cyber security coding
The Sea Port engaged ReganSteins' cyber security to team to assist them in the initial phases of becoming compliant with DCCAE guidelines.

The Sea Port is facing several challenges when it comes to becoming compliant with DCCAE guidelines. The scale and complexity of the work involved necessitated engaging outside assistance and expertise to guide them on the road towards compliance.


Support a designated Operator of Essential Services (OES) with the completion of the Identify, Protect and Detect phases of the NISD implementation in alignment with the DCCAE guidelines. 


Gathered relevant information about current systems, processes and controls via a mixture of one-to-one discussions with key personnel, site visits, observations and reviewing of internal documentation. Physical devices, systems, software platforms and applications were inventoried; communication and data flows were mapped; cyber security roles and responsibilities were established and asset vulnerabilities and threats were identified and documented after completing a series of structured audits.


The Compliance Framework self-assessment document was submitted to the DCCAE and a comprehensive report was produced for the client to form the basis for an additional programme of work to address the compliance gaps identified. Audit reports were completed and documented.

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