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ReganStein’s ICT team was recently taken on to complete an ICT strategy, including a comprehensive review and production of recommendations relating to GDPR, for a Local Authority. The review comprised of an assessment of the current ICT organisation and operation, and development of a proposed 3-5 year ICT strategy.

It was a challenging and interesting project as the organisation is extremely complex and diverse with over 11 Directorates and an inventory of 200 disparate ICT systems. The Local Authority was also experiencing a period of significant change in scope, size and structure as it extends the boundary.


The Local Authority had a number of demands on its ICT and Business Services that needed to be addressed by this ICT/Business Strategy. The strategy document produced would take all aspects of the organisations needs into account including responsibilities to both the public and own staff.


Background Before the IT review took place, gaining a solid understanding of the organisation and its drivers was essential.
Review of the Current Systems
(The ‘As Is’)

This phase involved the review of the current IT systems, infrastructure, and operations (the ‘AS IS’ situation) to determine if they are meeting the needs of the department/ organisation and to identify fundamental and incremental improvements required to better support the organisation.

In this phase, we also conducted a review of the external environment to capture best practice currently in the sector.

Development of the ICT/Digital Strategy
(The ‘To Be’)

This phase pulled together the IT initiatives required to support the organisation strategy along with activities required to remedy IT systems/infrastructure shortfalls and issues identified during the review of documentation and any discussions with stakeholders.

A workshop with key stakeholders was held to obtain agreement on the key initiatives and projects identified in the overall IT strategy. The output of the workshop was a roadmap of agreed initiatives and projects, with timelines, costings, and project phasing, over a five-year timescale.

Completion of ICT/Digital Strategy Report Presented to client


The Local Authority was provided with an ICT/Digital Strategy report that has provided in-depth, structured analysis which supports a clear path for the future.

The organisation now has a comprehensive list of IT systems required to support strategy including ball park estimates for time, costs and resources over a 3 year period, a high level Gantt chart for IT strategy plan, and a visionary roadmap for longer-term strategic directions with regard to infrastructure, support and access & mobility.

I highly recommend the ability and professionalism of ReganStein, whose leadership experience in ICT, hands on approach and willingness to immerse themselves into our business for a period of several weeks has provided us with a confidence to address the future.

Ruth Buckley
Head of ICT, Cork City Council

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