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Agile Workshop


The team at this medium sized IT services company were in the process of executing an internal product development plan, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Collaboration and problem solving were of utmost importance. ReganStein were tasked with guiding them on how Agile values and practices can work to their advantage as they navigated the challenges. The project objectives were to: 

  • Deliver flexibility and generate space for the teams to create balance between the discovery and research and executing the work, having schedules, deadlines and budgets in mind and 
  • Align remote teams to work collaboratively on solving problems. 


ReganStein reviewed the current processes in place, suggesting improvements, while simultaneously identifying the most suitable Agile techniques and practices for the unique context of the client’s situation. An introduction to Lean business practices was delivered to the management team. 

Agile techniques were implemented to bring more structure, rhythm and alignment into the teams and to develop healthy routines surrounding remote working. Leading Edge Group built on the required level of competence so that self-organization and remote onboarding bring successful outcomes. 

Deliverables included: 

  • Up to 10 Agile techniques and practices identified for the team(s) in their day-to-day operations  
  • Practices, which will help create high performing, well-aligned, self-organized team(s) defined  
  • Some improvements to the current Agile meetings suggested 
  • Tips on successful onboarding of remote team members suggested  
  • Tips on increasing engagement of remote teams suggested  
  • The existing project management structures reviewed and advised the pros and cons of different solutions provided 


The revisal of meeting structures to reduce the amount of meetings per employee per week had a cumulative effect of cost saving by providing greater clarity on project roles and responsibilities to avoid multiple people working on the same tasks/jobs. Further actions of continuous improvement initiatives were also initiated with the company committed to their continued use. Below are the key cost / performance improvements that were experienced by the client. 

  • Time efficiency  
  • Goal setting  
  • Streamlining team communication 
  • More efficient remote team management
  • More efficient ways of recruiting and onboarding
  • Methods for limiting WIP (work in progress) and delivering more iteratively 

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