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Liam Lynch Cyber Security Consultant

Cyber Security and Data Protection (GDPR) specialist Liam has over 29 years of experience working in IT. He started out as a developer in the late 80’s but always had an interest in the technology that he used every day so moved into IT Management. He also had an inherent ability to create secure environments, both physical and digital.

He has worked with large corporations through to small operations during his career and has found that, in spite of massive expenditure on technological security solutions, these can all be thwarted by “Dave” in accounting opening an “invoice” in an e-mail which has sneaked past all of the filters, firewalls and anti-virus.

Liam is familiar with what threats are out there and how to spot them and protect companies from them. He has developed a comprehensive Internet Safety Training and has an ability to relate this knowledge at all levels within a company, showing employees how they can protect themselves, the businesses they work for and their families.

In November 2017, Liam was appointed to the Permanent Stakeholders Group (PSG) of ENISA (the EU’s Network and Information Security Agency). The PSG group advises the Executive Director of ENISA on the development of the Agency’s work programme, and on ensuring communication with relevant stakeholders on all related issues.

Liam’s business, is a member of the InfoSecurity Ireland Group and the Derg Business Alliance

He is also the Chair and Director of the non-profit Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative CLG, founder of Slieve Felim Community Broadband Action Group and committee member of Kilcommon/Rearcross/Hollyford Energy Team.

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