Jennifer - A IT consultant

Jennifer is a casual lecturer at Cork Institute of Technology where research informs her teaching to deliver up to date content to students in Business Information systems. Her research career spans 15 years during which she has applied her research skills across different fields in computer science, business information systems and human-computer interaction dealing mostly with social issues identified through anthropological approaches such as ethnography, interviews, and observations. She has a record of high quality internationally peer-reviewed publications.

She has quantitative data analysis experience using SPSS, Excel and MS Access to produce data trends, variances, cross-tabulations, and standard deviations, collating the results and producing it in report form, highlighting the most significant findings.

She has qualitative data analysis experience with collecting data via interviews and observations, and analyzing the data using thematic analysis and grounded theory: For example [1][2][3]

She has systematic literature review experience published at academic conferences: [4] [5]

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