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Bob Emiliani

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Bob Emiliani is a professor, researcher, author and historian of progressive management. He is also an executive trainer with over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and service industries, where he had front-line responsibility for implementing TPS/ Lean principles and practices.

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Do You Have These Problems?

  • Leadership inconsistency
  • Poor execution
  • Slow response time
  • Poor quality information
  • Poor information flow
  • Work overload and confusion
  • Low employee morale
  • Struggling to keep up with the times

What Is Speed Leadership?

The ideology behind Speed Leadership is to treat leadership as a process rather than a behaviorism. The approach provides practical techniques that simplify the leadership process for managers in business.

At its heart,it is all about enabling effective information flow by eliminating the common leadership mistakes that can blunt your company’s competitive edge.

Starting at the top of the organisation, this approach ensures that accurate information guides all activities, behaviour, decision making and strategy, enabling leaders to recognise and address problems fast.

A Better Way To Lead

Digital transformation requires a fresh look at leadership. The great differentiator is the speed and precision of leadership decision-making. Speed Leadership is a breakthrough in understanding leadership and how to improve leadership thinking, skills, and capabilities for greater effectiveness in the 21st century. Speed Leadership is a new design for leadership that fits with your current way of doing business.

Interested In Trying Speed Leadership?

ReganStein has partnered with Bob Emiliani, an innovator in management thinking and practice, to bring Speed Leadership events to Ireland.