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Philipa Farley - GDPR specialist consultant

Philipa holds a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence Programming together with an LLB in Constitutional Litigation, Electronic Law and Intellectual Property Law.

Philipa is an analytical and focused person who enjoys a challenge in the workplace. She loves technology, systems and people and has a passion for showing how technology can make life easier and better.


Currently focusing on GDPR compliance needs, Philipa makes the GDPR compliance process as painless as possible for business. She has close to twenty years of experience working in different general management, IT management and legal advisory positions. She has a solid, broad overview of operational, risk, compliance and internet-security related matters. She has worked with businesses ranging from small start-ups to multinationals who require compliance consulting in a local and global context.

Philipa’s professional background has roots in South African Constitutional rights and contract law. South African privacy law is primarily governed by the Constitutional right to privacy and the POPI Act which when read together are nearly identical to the GDPR with minor differences such as the GDPR expanding on the right to be forgotten as well as the importance of data portability. There is significant crossover as well with a shared ethos between the South African, UK and EU law.

Philipa heads ReganStein’s dedicated GDPR team who have vast experience of working with large, complex organisations. In her role as project manager for services to clients she has overseen departmental auditing, collating information, reporting and classifying data. She is also managed policy writing for operational controls and provides ongoing advisory services.

While working with a London based company, Philipa undertook a full audit with remediation advice and policy writing. She acted as advisor with regard to rewriting of contracts and implementing changes. As the company is in fact a public venue and considered a potential target for attack, security staff regularly undergo training with local police. This was a particularly complex project as she had to deal with CCTV sharing concerns and deciding where the lines should be in terms of obligations under law versus privacy requirements.

More recently Philipa worked as part of the ReganStein team working on a project for Cork City Council where she was responsible for the analysis of their GDPR gap report, turning gaps into actions and providing a forecast for the next five years with suggestions for better and more compliant systems and procedures.

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