NoelBusiness Technology Advisor


Noel is an accomplished business director with senior leadership expertise in Information Technology and Operations in FMCG beverage manufacturing, manufacturing outsourcing and QA Management in the automotive electronics sector.

His background includes senior functional roles in Information Technology/Digital Transformation and Operations/Quality Management. He has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Apple, HP and Dell and has established the setup and leadership of manufacturing facilities in Ireland and Japan. Throughout his 20+ years as Vice-President of Information Services with Fortune 1000, Banta Corporation and Global IT Director with Fortune 100, PepsiCo, he specialised in working with business leaders to identify the critical technology value-drivers that consistently delivered impactful business results.

Currently, Noel is an Independent Business Technology Advisor dedicated to helping businesses gain maximum impact from technology investments. This includes prioritising business opportunities and evaluating and implementing the right technology to address these. He focuses strongly on establishing and tracking benefits delivery through proactive Project Management and Change Management.

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