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Miriam - A human resource consultant

Miriam who has a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology is a skilled consultant, coach and facilitator with over 30 years’ experience in business. Her passion is to help create more successful, sustainable and happier organisations through powerful, effective leadership. Miriam focuses on helping leaders develop their self-awareness, cultivate better relationships with their people and learn effective leadership behaviours and practices.

Miriam started out her career in IT, working in roles as a programmer through to project manager and IT manager in a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Over 13 years ago, she made the transition to the role of Team Development Facilitator within a pharmaceutical company where she was involved in coaching individuals, teams and leaders to achieve their potential within their work as well as designing and facilitating processes to bring about change in the organisation in a positive, inclusive manner. During this time, she worked closely with the leadership team and was privileged to be able to coach them on a one-to-one basis witnessing them in action to see firsthand the impact of timely coaching interventions. The manufacturing plant that Miriam worked in has been recognised as one of the most productive of its kind in the world by an independent survey.

Miriam has dedicated herself to helping organisations and leaders find more collaborative, engaging and rewarding ways to master change and grow into more successful entities. She does this by helping leaders and staff in organisations discover their own unique brand of greatness and design how they are going to develop it to its full potential.

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