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clodagh a media specialist

Clodagh is a media professional who has spent the last decade working in the Canadian and Irish Film Industries with a focus on the fast moving, multi-disciplinary field of Post Production and VFX. With a talent for problem solving and a natural need for efficiency, Clodagh ran a boutique Post and VFX facility in Vancouver before returning to Ireland to work as a Senior Post Producer with Windmill Lane Pictures. She has successfully delivered over 100 TV Movies, Animation and TV Series, Documentaries and Feature Films to major Networks and Distributors.

With qualifications in Egyptian Archaeology, Entrepreneurship, Lean and Business Management and experience in the Real Estate and Hospitality industries, Clodagh brings a unique depth of knowledge to the table.

This cross pollination of ideas has allowed her to spearhead several improvement projects in previous roles, always looking for a smarter, better way to work. She is passionate about creating an environment that engages employees in the management process and believes that fostering an open dialogue with staff provides continuous opportunities for improvement and growth.

Her experience led her to explore Lean management systems as a solution to challenges in an industry that is historically inefficient. Clodagh brings passion, an intense work ethic and an upbeat personality to every project she manages.

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