AndrásIT/Data Analytics


Andras has 20 years’ experience working the field of operational excellence/continuous improvement. Andras has spent about 10 years of his professional career in the financial sector. He has a wide range of deliverables from a simple account opening process improvement up to a full and sustainable implementation of Lean methodology. Andras has delivered VSMs and implemented improvement changes of banking processes in the following areas: account opening, personal loan, mortgage, credit cards, corporate loans, car financing, equipment and motor leasing, operations, corporate finance, recruitment, employee retention and many more.

In the duration of his 10 years in the financial sector he also worked as a risk manager in a major bank and he was in charge to lead the “Data and systems” team. Under his management the team was developing new statistical models for Basel II A-IRB and they developed a new, fully automated reporting system which was the foundation of a future Data warehouse project. Andras is a Master Black Belt with an MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

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