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“In a digital era, privacy must be a priority”.
Al Gore

Coming from legal, IT, financial and senior business backgrounds, our expert team comprises those with a unique mix of project management skills and a solid, in-depth knowledge of data compliance and GDPR.

Team members have experience of working with both large, complex organisations and SMEs helping them on their journey to compliance. View our Data Protection and Compliance Team here.

GDPR Readiness Assessment (Gap Analysis)

Completed Questionnaire Assess the current state of compliance within the organisation
10 Step Assessment An assessment based on the ten necessary steps towards full compliance
Gap Analysis Ranked by risk containing actionable steps for remediation
GDPR Readiness Assessment Report This serves as a guidance handbook


Data Mapping


Evaluation of Operational & IT Controls

‘Privacy by Design’ Introduce and embed the idea of ‘privacy by design’ into operational and IT controls
Bridge the Gaps Bridge the compliance gaps that have been identified in the readiness assessment
Mitigate the Risks Mitigate any risks that have been identified in the readiness assessment and data mapping exercises
Cyber Audit Provide management with an assessment of the effectiveness of the cyber security processes and activities


Data Protection Impact Assessments

Used to identify and mitigate against any data protection related risks that may arise from a new project, procedure or activity.


Data Processing on Behalf of 3rd Parties

Identify when an organisation is regarded as a data controller and when a data processor; and clarifying each parties responsibilities and cooperation procedures for access requests and breaches. Additionally, we can provide guidance on the necessary security measures and perform comprehensive due diligence on third parties


Data Breaches

In the event of a Data Breach, our team will be available for on-the-spot advise on how to handle the situation.


Staff Training

Training programme aimed at raising awareness among staff and ensuring they are aware of policies/procedures and their obligations under GDPR.

Expected Outcomes

  • Know and understand why data protection is important
  • Understand GDPR terminology
  • Understand the organisation’s obligations to individuals
  • Appreciate the legal basis for processing personal data
  • Be aware of the consequences of failure


  • Identifying key changes
  • Understanding individual’s rights
  • Legal basis for processing
  • Conducting a data audit
  • Creating a data protection compliance plan
  • Raising staff awareness
  • Awareness of liabilities and penalties

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