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Supply Chain

“Every company’s supply chain should be its ultimate competitive weapon ”.
Steve J. Bowen

Through our parent company, the Leading Edge Group, we know supply chain and logistics inside out having worked with global providers in this sector for the past two decades.

As the business world changes, your supply chain changes with it. ReganStein’s supply chain and procurement management consultant experts will work with your company to accelerate supply chain performance improvement, manage risks and enable expansion. An ineffective supply chain can have damaging effects short and long term effects on your company with many different areas of the company feeling the affects.

We have methods and techniques that will help assess current supply chain performance, identify major opportunities for improvement, develop a road map or action plan for execution and project manage the change programme implementation. These programmes include setting agreed deadlines, responsibilities and resource plans in addition to defining major goals and performance targets and proper management and utilisation of people and resources.

As Bloomberg recently stated, ‘global supply chains were already under  pressure as a result of the US trade war’. Now, the Coronavirus poses a new and potentially grievous threat. With 94% of the Fortune 1000 seeing Coronavirus supply chain disruptions, we can see why companies are scrambling to get product moving and get visibility on product availability. To read more about the Coronavirus and its impact on supply chains click here. If you require assistance with preparing or adapting your supply chain to deal with the impacts of the Coronavirus click here.

APIC Training

APICS CPIM certification is an internationally recognised qualification where students learn terminology, concepts and strategies related to supply chain management, operations management and continuous improvement. The courses are developed based on over 50 years of learning experience and incorporate a full suite of instructional designed programmes. The development is accompanied by hands on lecturing which allows the student to apply the learning in their own environment and get involved in interactive
Upskill your supply chain staff in Module 1 of CPIM which can be completed over a 4-week period.

Lets to talk about assisting you and your supply chain.

Benefits of an effective supply chain

  • Improved quality control
  • Higher efficiency rate
  • Demand is met
  • Reduced over head cost
  • Improved risk mitigation
  • Improved cash flow

Supply chain analysis with the aim of making a more productive system can often be more difficult and costly in house so outsourcing these activities to experienced consultants can relieve headaches and allow for a more efficient process.

ReganStein has a handpicked team of expert and experienced consultants who specialise in supply chain analysis and improvement. Our consultants have worked for many different types of companies within many different industries which allows them to create the best possible solution for your business needs in a fast and effective manner.

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