Sales Management Assist Programme

Sales Management Assist Programme

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be”.
Jack Welch

Organisations are coming under increased scrutiny with a feeling amongst the public and funders that external audit processes simply do not deliver enough assurance. With a mission to inform, educate and motivate, ReganStein is addressing this challenge head-on via its outsourcing internal audit function.

Based on key risks that organisations face, this outsourced internal audit function focuses on key strategic, operational, financial and reputational risks facing organisations and the internal controls that mitigate them.

Expected Outcomes

In today’s competitive business environment, managing the sales process is a challenging function. The rapid evolution of digital transformation has increased the need for accuracy and speed in customer communications.

You may often wonder “how could we improve the management of the overall sales process in our company?” This programme will identify pathways for improvement that are specific, actionable and effective.


  • One-to-one reviews with key managers involved in the sales process including CEO, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations Management.
  • Review of the critical sales procedures including
    – Territory management and planning
    – Lead generation and prospect development
    – Quotations processing and order management
    – Customer relationship management
    – Sales process stages and forecasting
    – Team management, hiring and compensation
  • Development of recommendations for improvement report.
  • Workshop to plan and prioritise the key recommendations for improvement programme.

Schedule (5 days)

Over the course of 5 days, ReganStein’s expert will review your risk management systems, internal control arrangements and operational efficiency to provide guidance to senior management to manage risk and
improve cost-effectiveness.

Step 1 CEO meeting / Leadership Meeting Meeting with the CEO to understand the overall company strategy and any key issues to be considered in the course of the review.
Group meeting with key management.
1 on 1 meetings Meetings with key managers/stakeholders.
Step 2 Sales process review Review current sales process and procedures from the initial sales enquiry to sales completion, with a focus on key issues and known gaps. Also, review how customer repeat business is managed.
Sales management review Review how the sales function is managed including:

– target allocation / area management

– hiring / coaching / compensation / commission

– opportunity management and forecasting

– account management / CRM

– coaching/performance management

Step 3 Detailed review of Key Topics Focus in on a number of key issues that have evolved from the initial reviews, where further detail is required.
Step 4 Report Development Development of final report outlining key strengths and weaknesses found in the review and key recommendations for improvement.
Step 5 Report presentation Presentation of report to the CEO and the senior leadership team.
Plan for improvement This workshop will assist the leadership team to prioritise and schedule the improvement programme.

Quotations will be provided on request.

This programme, which can be delivered nationwide, is optimally undertaken as set out above. The 5 day programme does not have to be undertaken on consecutive days, but each day should be taken as a unit.

This programme is delivered by a Senior Management Consultant from ReganStein.

To make a booking or to request further details, please contact:

Ciara Murphy | Operations Manager
Tel: +353 (0)87 356 9293
Email: [email protected]

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