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International Sales Strategy

Is Brexit an issue? Have you got a plan? How can you improve it?

Before embarking on your international sales journey, have you reviewed your strategy?

Replicating home-market sales success is a different prospect when it comes to a new international market. Many companies jump headlong into the challenge and regret not having planned sufficiently for the differences and challenges they subsequently experienced. With a mission to inform, educate and motivate, ReganStein management consultants has developed a programme to assist companies with their international sales strategy.

This programme is designed to help the Small to Medium Size Enterprise (SME) to either build a new international sales plan or to improve current plans. Its goal is to help cover all the bases in a well thought out and practical International Sales Strategy.

Expected Outcomes

Developing sales internationally is an exciting and potentially lucrative opportunity for SME’s who have been successful in their home market. However, many companies have not had the experience in building a sales strategy suitable for new foreign markets and different cultures.

Having a good foundation to your strategy will be of enormous benefit in taking those early steps. This programme will help you to evaluate your current thoughts and assist you in formulating your business plan for export growth and expansion. Our experienced consultants will provide you with expert solutions.


  • One-to-one reviews with key managers involved in the sales process including CEO, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations
  • Review of the critical sales procedures including
    • Territory management and planning
    • Lead generation and prospect development
    • Quotations processing and order management
    • Customer relationship management
    • Sales process stages and forecasting
    • Team management, hiring and compensation
  • Development of a roadmap for future improvements
  • Workshop to plan and prioritise the key recommendations for improvement programme.


Undertaken over the course of 5 days, this review will identify up to 10 key issues to consider in improving the current strategy or in building the new strategy depending on current status of development.

Day 1 Review of Existing Plan (if any) Review of the existing international sales strategy/plan by our consultant focussing on developing a list of questions that may help to identify gaps or improvements that can be made to the strategy.
Day 2 CEO Meeting Meeting with the CEO to understand the overall company strategy and any key issues to be considered in the course of the review. This meeting will also agree the timetable for the overall programme.


Group meeting with key managers in sales, finance and operations.
Day 2 (pm) 1 to 1 Meetings 3 x 1 hour meetings with the key manager in each of sales, finance and operations.
Day 3 (am) Key Topics Review Focus on a number of key issues that have evolved from the initial reviews, where further detail is required. The consultant will have access to key staff as required.
Day 3 (pm)  



Development of the final report outlining key issues and gaps found in the review and key recommendations for improvement. Final report will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.
Day 4
Day 5 (am) Report Presentation Presentation of the report to the CEO with an optional presentation to the Leadership

Team, if appropriate.

Day 5 (pm) Plan for Improvement Workshop to assist the leadership team to prioritise and schedule the

improvement programme.

Quotations will be provided on request.

This programme, which can be delivered nationwide, is optimally undertaken as set out above. The 5 day programme does not have to be undertaken on consecutive days, but each day should be taken as a unit.

This programme is delivered by a Senior Management Consultant from ReganStein.

To make a booking or to request further details, please contact:

Ciara Murphy | Operations Manager
Tel: +353 (0)87 356 9293
Email: [email protected]

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