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Human Resources

“A bad system can destroy good people”.

ReganStein’s experienced HR team are well versed in Employment Law and Industrial Relations and can work with you to address any complex HR issues your organisation may be experiencing. HR consulting is something we specialize in. With advisory services and strong HR resourcing within Reganstein in Ireland, we can offer the below services.

We can work with you on all aspects of your people agenda including:
• Organisation and job design
• Development of HR policies and an employee handbook
• Change Management – Leading people through major change
• Devising an employee engagement strategy and communications frameworks
• Development of a positive industrial relations strategy
• Psychometric testing for selection and development
• Talent development & succession planning
• Coaching and performance management
• Management of consultations and negotiations
• Preparation for conciliation at Work Relations Commission or Labour Court hearings
• Management of disciplinary, grievances and bullying and harassment cases
• Workplace Conflict

If you need to outsource your HR services in any way or just need some advice for your business or organisation, then please do get in touch with us.

Sample Programme - Bullying & Harassment

Every day the headlines reveal another case of Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment in workplaces, from Government Departments to multinationals and small firms.

As an owner/manager you are responsible for what happens in your place of work. Failure to prevent or stop an employee suffering from bullying or harassment could cost you and your business a lot of money through legal claims; reputational damage and loss of talented employees.

You can greatly reduce the risks by creating a respectful workplace, ensuring everyone knows that inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and that any complaints are handled promptly and fairly.

This 1-day training will equip you with knowledge and practical skills to confidently prevent bullying and harassment in your organisation and create a workplace where employees can enjoy the dignity and respect they deserve.

Expected Outcomes


  • Understand what constitutes bullying, harassment and sexual harassment under Irish law
  • Be clear about your obligations as a manager enabling you to maintain a safe respectful workplace
  • Be able to set a new standard for what is appropriate behaviour in your organisation
  • Be confident to handle and investigate a complaint or claim in line with HSA guidelines
  • Develop a strategy and policy to mitigate workplace bullying and create a more harmonious environment

Schedule (1 day)

Over the course of 5 days, ReganStein’s expert will review your risk management systems, internal control arrangements and operational efficiency to provide guidance to senior management to manage risk and
improve cost-effectiveness.

09:00 Introductions and objective setting
09:30 What constitutes bullying, harassment and sexual harassment?
10:30 What is the scope of your responsibility as an employer/manager – review of legislative framework and recent case law
11:15 What is the cost of bullying and harassment to victims, companies, society?
12:00 Who bullies and harasses and why do many people not complain?
12:30 Case study review
13:00 Lunch
14:00 How can you prevent bullying and harassment in your organisation. What are the required elements of a policy?
15:00 Practical step by step investigation of a complaint applying HSA guidelines, using informal and formal procedures, dealing with the complainant and the accused, interviewing witnesses, determining the outcome, appropriate sanctions and support requirements
17:00 Review and next steps

Quotations will be provided on request.

This programme, which can be delivered nationwide, is optimally undertaken as set out above. The 5 day programme does not have to be undertaken on consecutive days, but each day should be taken as a unit.

This programme is delivered by a Senior Management Consultant from ReganStein.

To make a booking or to request further details, please contact:

Ciara Murphy | Operations Manager
Tel: +353 (0)87 356 9293
Email: [email protected]

Following the programme we can assist you to:

  • Develop and implement your policy
  • Assess the risk within your company’s culture
  • Educate your employees on the policy; what is and is not acceptable, how they can help create and maintain a safe respectful workplace and stamp out bad behaviour

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