Does your organisation need experienced business analysts on a contract basis?

Do you find that you are having issues within your business across different areas such as IT miscommunication, lack of direction, misunderstanding of business requirements among other problems. These problem on their own aren’t a major problem but as they begin to culminate they can become a big issue. Luckily you don’t need to worry about anlaysing and finding solutions to these problems when you have a ReganStein consultant on your team.

ReganStein offers business analysts who have a solid background in both business and IT strategy have experience in :

  • Leading analysis, elicitation and documentation of business requirements
  • Facilitating workshops to communicate  projects with stakeholders at a range of levels
  • Working with cross functional teams, to support the implementation of business solutions
  • Work collaboratively with IT delivery teams, to ensure that business requirements are understood for translation into functional requirements and technical solutions
  • Applying best practice techniques in the identification and documentation of business requirements
  • Analysing the factors underlying key business decisions and presenting associated options and recommendations
  • Developing templates and approaches for requirements capture and documentation

ReganStein, is redefining the management consulting sector, offering highly experienced consultants for strategic and tactical business projects.
A veritable ‘one stop shop’ for business in Ireland.

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