What is Disruptive Consulting

Transformation – supports companies to disrupt and transform their processes

Data Driven – consider the power of discovering data in real time, creating solutions to problems you hadn’t foreseen and asking question you wouldn’t have thought of

Deep Analysis– identifies trends through deep analyses of your data to help solve your problems

Broad Expertise – it doesn’t involve expertise in any one specific field. Disruptive consulting is constantly attuned to successful business models, user experiences and technologies across industries; ready to reapply them in unexpected ways

Simplicity – simplifies workflows and synthesises data structures and systems

Use Disruptive Consulting to feed Innovation

Diagram showing disruptive consulting engagement types

When is Disruptive Consulting needed?

Disruptive consulting is dynamic and data driven. It is all about solving problems quickly and efficiently and creating scalable opportunities.

So, when should you consider using disruptive consulting solutions?

  • Is there a burning platform? Is your company experiencing problems that need to be dealt with immediately?
  • Are you concerned about how Brexit will affect your business?
  • Are you experiencing challenges with profit and loss?
  • Have you issues around rising costs?
  • Is productivity causing headaches?

Our Approach to Disruptive Consulting


We gather all data relating to your company’s industry and market position, analyse it and make sense of it.


You company receives an experienced operator’s perspective on a problem and different ways it can be solved


Rigorous, analytical application of expertise to data to produce insights that will help your company succeed


A roadmap to help choose and implement the changes to be made

Disruptive Consulting Approach

Our Team

ReganStein’s Disruptive Consulting division provides specialised and cost competitive solutions for our client base. Combining an experienced programme manager, business analysts and experts in engineering, operations, finance, supply chain, IT and cybersecurity; our team has experience of working with both large, complex organisations, public sector bodies and SMEs.

Interested in Disruptive Consulting?