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Cyber Security

“There are only two type of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be”
Robert Mueller

With improvements to technology come the risks associated with them. It’s unfortunate but companies big and small are having to think about scenarios where their data systems are breached and what happens when they are.

Some of the questions you may have asked yourself are:

  • Can I balance information protection and accessibility?
  • What is a ‘good’ cyber security strategy?
  • How do I determine the right level of investment?
  • Where should I put my investments?
  • How can I prevent or mitigate the disruption of a cyber event?
  • How do I ensure that our business returns to normal as quickly as possible?

ReganStein’s cybersecurity team of specialists can assist you in answering any questions you may have surrounding cybersecurity, creating a tailor-made solution that will work for your business.

Cyber Security Risks

Cyber-attacks can cause significant disruption and damage leading to devastating reputational and financial repercussions.

The most recent statistics show:

  • The average cost per personal record stolen is €125
  • The average time cost of a malware attack is 50 days
  • Companies dealing with sensitive data, such as healthcare sector, have much higher costs compared to the average
  • Damage related to cybercrime is expected to reach €5.3 trillion by 2021

Research shows that companies that prepare themselves for a cyber security attack are much more likely to deal with it effectively with reduced cost and time lost in doing so. Companies with an effective strategy in place can save themselves hours of additional work and reduce the cost by thousands of euros.

How Well Protected Is Your Business From Cyber Threats?

Research shows when prepared for a cyber security attack a company is much more likely to deal with it effectively greatly reducing costs and time lost. Companies with an effective strategy in place can save themselves hours of additional work and reduce the cost by thousands of euros.

As organisations increasingly conduct their business over network-connected devices they become easy targets for cyber-criminals intent on stealing valuable data; from staff records with PPS details to banking and payment data or valuable customer information.

Our Services

Cyber security analysis stages infographic

Our Cyber Security Health Check is a comprehensive 5-day service offering a high-level cyber review of your organisation and IT

infrastructure. We will identify any gaps in critical risk areas, provide the right actions to mitigate these risks and ensure your business has the processes in place to deal quickly with any security breach. This comprehensive audit, also includes a website vulnerability scan.

Learn more about the head of our Cyber Security team here.

ISO 27001/27701

ISO 27001 is the international standard that describes best practice for an information security management
system (ISMS). Achieving accredited certification to ISO 27001 demonstrates that your company is following
information security best practice, backed by an independent expert assessment of whether your data is
adequately protected. It makes you stand out from your competitors, saves you overspending on the wrong
security controls and enables you to be GDPR compliant with less effort.
When you combine ISO 27001 with the new ISO 27701 guideline, you have the perfect combination of
privacy and information protection in one management system.
ISO 27701 enhances ISO 27001 and specifies the requirements and provides guidance for establishing,
implementing, maintaining and continually improving – a PIMS (privacy information management system) to
become GDPR compliant in an effective and provable way.
For more information on how we can help prepare you for ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certification, contact us

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