Disruption on the Horizon

The consulting market is being disrupted especially at competitive levels. Large consultancies charge large fees for their ‘branded’ solutions but these are not always commensurate with the level of work required. Junior consultants are usually billed out at a far higher rate than what they are paid and companies find themselves paying for a junior level of knowledge.

In any industry, when the basis of competition becomes efficiency rather than innovation and new solutions, disruption lies on the horizon.

The ReganStein proposition is to deliver instant business expertise that is more convenient and cost-effective than either hiring staff or engaging a large unwieldy consultancy firm.

Flexible experienced professionals, available when needed, is an appealing proposition for any business. The gig economy is coming fast to the consulting sector.

Based on its 23 plus years’ experience in the Irish marketplace the company has developed a suite of programmes including:

  • GDPR in-company assessment and training
  • Interim financial management/outsourcing
  • Developing international growth strategies
  • Optimising sales management processes
  • Interim HR management/outsourcing
  • CEO mentoring and coaching
  • Developing protected disclosures policies and procedures
  • IT/Digital strategy development
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Interim project management

Please click on the titles below to view sample programmes:

Are there Opportunities to Improve your Sales Management Process?

Are you GDPR Compliant? – In-Company Assessment

Are your Prepared for GDPR? – 1Day In-Company Training Programme