Business Continuity Response Team

Over the past few months and as we emerge into the new ‘normal’ businesses face many challenges; from the need to pivot their way of working and rapid digital transformation to really struggling with what is needed to ensure continuity of their business into the future.

ReganStein has been privileged to be involved in helping almost 50 businesses in the recent past through the Government Business Continuity Voucher scheme. Our focus is to help businesses maximise all potential opportunities

infographic of businesses served under business continuity voucher scheme

Projects Include:

  • Creating Digital Marketing strategies and providing training on a variety of social media platforms to best promote their business
  • Developing business continuity plans
  • Assessing current financial needs in the short term to medium term
  • Advising on reduction of variable costs, overheads and expenses
  • Implementing remote working processes or procedures
  • Leveraging ICT expertise
  • Preparing business cases for applications to emergency financial interventions

Areas ReganStein Can Support You 

 Digital Marketing

 Financial Advice

 IT & Security

 Business Planning

  Health & Safety

  Process Improvement

As the economy starts to open back up, businesses will continue to need support and guidance. Contact ReganStein today to discuss how we work with you to develop a tailor made, continuity programme which meets your business objectives.

Meet Our Business Continuity Response Team

Jonathan a project management consultant
Jonathan - IT
picture brian a project management consultant
Brian - Project Management
muriels portrait photo - a marketing consultant
Muriel - Digital Marketing
barry a lean consultant
Barry - Lean
picture of karen a marketing consultant
Karen - Marketing Strategy
hilary a consultant
Hilary - Finance