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Responsibilities Of Business Intelligence Analysts

Business Intelligence Analysts work with and disseminate high value information throughout organisations in order to inform decision making at every level. This requires high level analytical skills, specialist knowledge, and excellent communicative abilities, so the knowledge that your BIA has a great track record will reassure you that you can expect great results.

When you need expertise in a particular area, outsourcing could be the answer. Here at ReganStein, we can match your business with a highly skilled expert who can provide what you need for the specific time period that you need it. This is an excellent way to minimise costs and maximise efficiency within your organisation.

The Responsibilities Of A BIA:

1. business inteligence analystUsing internal information. Internal organisations usually come from business wide enterprise systems, often SAP or ORACLE database systems, or from data capture systems across the organisation. Data is tracked, analysed and reported in conjunction with other information to create relevant performance data for the business.

2. Using external data. External data that is useful to the business may come from market research or from more formal analytics that identify trends and competitors. A thorough knowledge of the markets and the specific industry relative to the business in question informs expertise with this type of data.

3. Merging data. The Data Lake concept, popular in many large organisations, enables the merging of internal and external data. The Data Lake enables the pooling of data from multiple sources, which can be tapped with programmed enquiries and new analytical tools. Multinationals such as Amazon and eBay rely on open-source package Apache’s Hadoop to pull, pool and process data for analysis.

4. Communicating high value information. In terms of practical value, the BIA functions within an organisation as a vertical connection, disseminating high value information across all levels of a business to inform decision making. Familiarity with the business ethos and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels makes this possible.

Expect Excellence From Flexible Professionals

Do you think your organisation could benefit from working with an experienced professional for a specified project or to manage your team on a short-term basis? Our team of experts work to deliver positive outcomes and high level management to businesses across Ireland, and our approach to business could be just what you need.

At ReganStein, our specialist team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced middle and senior managers, each with at least ten years of specialist experience in their field. If you meet these criteria, and you are drawn to create a truly rewarding career that offers you a great work-life balance, you could join our team. To find out more about this opportunity, contact us at today.