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The Pace Of Change In The Contemporary Manufacturing Industry

Here at ReganStein, we value a model that allows you to source top quality talent on a short-term basis, making use of the expertise and knowledge you need for a fixed period. We believe that this is an ideal framework for the fast-paced, diverse world we live in, where the technology we have access to is changing the face of the consumer industry around us.

We are living in an exciting time, where manufacturing is changing and becoming much more specialised, personal and direct than ever before. This is an environment in which niche skills are in high demand and specialist professionals are seeking opportunities to develop their skills and experience by undertaking different challenges across the globe.

How Has Manufacturing Changed?


43779170 – asian worker in factory at metal skip machine putting work piece in

Products are more personal. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all: custom options are standard in most consumer industries today. Individual customisation is available easily online, and with 3D printers becoming more widely used, the choices really are endless.

2. Fast turnaround is standard. Next day delivery is becoming a standard expectation for many industries, and those who cannot compete with this are feeling the impact already. With giants such as Amazon making use of drones to deliver their products to customers, expectations are higher than ever before and business worldwide are having to consider their options to keep up.

3. Partnership is key. One of the ways in which smaller organisations can keep up with the larger names is to partner with them. Many large businesses are developing their ‘supply’ networks by stocking unique, high quality products from smaller businesses, who are able to increase their market and supply and ship in larger quantities than they could do alone.

These changes have had an interesting effect on the nature of the design industry, and we see a much higher demand for niche skills and expertise on a short-term basis than in previous years. Transient professionals who move between companies and projects to develop their knowledge and skill sets are becoming the norm, taking advantage of the freedom and flexibility that this lifestyle offers. It seems that high quality and skill have become the buzzwords for both products and professionals, and this is an exciting time to be involved in the consumer industry.

Do You Need An Expert For Your Project In Ireland?

Does your business work in a project-based way? If you believe that your business could benefit from a flexible and short-term arrangement with an experienced professional, simply talk to us at ReganStein to see how we can help.

Would you like to join our team? If you have a unique skill set and more than ten years experience in your field, you could join our team and make the most of exciting opportunities to take on new challenges. Just contact us at ReganStein on to find out more about the opportunities we can offer.