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Creating A Great Customer Experience Management Strategy

How do you know whether your customers are happy with the experience you provide? It’s the most important aspect of any customer-facing business, and it’s much more complex than whether or not your customer service systems are working well. Customer experience refers to the way the customer or client feels about the whole process of working with your company, and most businesses believe that they are providing a much better experience than they actually are.

Statistics show that a high percentage of companies are confident that they offer a great customer experience, but only a very small proportion of their customers agree with them. This is a serious area of concern, and developing a management strategy to address it could create a more sustainable business practice for the future. Here at ReganStein, we can work with you to find the best flexible professional with expertise in this area, so your business can develop and introduce a customer experience management strategy that works.

Build A Customer Experience Strategy That Works:

  1. Set up for success. Your business ethos should be at the core of every strategy you develop across your enterprise. This means that every employee should understand and believe in the brand, and be aware of what you are working towards. When customer experience is central to your philosophy – and, let’s face it, it should be – your team will know that this comes first.
  2. Be honest. Interactions between members of the public and businesses are no longer private matters, with social media and global communication providing an instant way to draw attention to a company that has given a particularly poor – or particularly good – customer experience. If you want your business to stand out for all the right reasons, admit it immediately when you make a mistake and go all out to make amends.
  3. Share the power. Customers hate being passed on to a manager when they are experiencing a problem. Not only do they have to repeat themselves, but they feel that they have wasted their time prior to this. Empower your team to own the issues they are dealing with and fix problems quickly and using their own initiative, rather than creating a long and tedious process of escalation for every concern.
  4. Be proactive. Where a customer or client is left waiting for a resolution to an issue, his or her experience of your business plummets. Quick solutions are the key to happier customers, so work to develop a system that can cut out the time wasting.
  5. Make use of expert professionals. Whether it is your team training or your management strategy development that is compromising your business by creating a poor customer experience, the answer is the same. Working with us allows you to seek out highly skilled, competent leaders who can turn this situation around for you without high costs or long contracts.

Are You A Specialist In Your Field?

At ReganStein, we have a specialist team of highly skilled and experienced middle and senior managers, each of whom has a unique skill set and at least ten years experience in their field.

Could you join our team? If you want to pursue a challenging career that offers you a better life-work balance, contact us at to find out more.

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