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Create A Great Talent Management Strategy

The world of business is experiencing rapid and exciting changes that demand flexible and considered strategies to make the most of available talent. Staying ahead of the competition is not easy, but organisations that are adaptive and prepared to adopt a more flexible approach to hiring will find it easier to ensure sustainable practice.

Contingent professionals offer a different solution to the talent shortages seen across many industries, and many people are drawn to this way of working since it enables a better work-life balance. Businesses that embrace working with transient professionals on a short-term basis can make the most of expertise and skill when it is most needed, to maximise productivity and outcomes.

The Benefits Of Working With Transient Professionals

1. Loyalty. When you are seeking someone to fill a short-term, highly skilled position, you may feel that loyalty is not likely to feature in your decision making. However, if you can see this as an opportunity to create links with expert professionals who understand the ethos of your business, you will be able to develop a mutually beneficial relationship that enables you to fulfil requirements with the best talent when needed in the future.

2. Flexibility. When you work with a transient professional, both the individual and the business can benefit from the flexible nature of the arrangement. Businesses reduce overheads and increase expertise by paying for the skill set that is needed for a specific time period, and transient professionals can select when and where they work, building a versatile and exciting career that fits around other lifestyle choices.

3. Reducing costs. A huge percentage of business costs are allocated to staffing, and much of this is eaten into by long contracts and pension or benefit plans. Working with transient professionals allows the development of contracts that suit both parties, rewarding high level excellence without paying for unnecessary and expensive overheads.

4. High level talent. When your business requires a specific skill set or an injection of talent to lead or revitalise a project, creating a position that directly fulfils this need on a short term basis is a great solution. Individuals who choose to work in this way usually have excellent records of management level expertise, so you can ensure valuable input into your business.

Are You An Experienced Professional Seeking New Opportunities?

ReganStein offers you the opportunity to benefit from a team of professionals who have the expertise and specialist skills to manage your project or drive your business forward. Whether you are looking for a virtual CFO or a specialist for a specific project, we can help to find the very best person to work with you.

Do you have more than ten years experience as a middle or senior manager in your field of expertise? If you’re interested in finding out more about working as a transient professional, contact us at to find out how we can work together.