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Q&A with ReganStein Specialist Caroline Sweeney

Posted by: Ciara Murphy @ 5th April 2018

Today on the ReganStein podcast we care joined by Caroline, one of our panel experts in the area of HR. Caroline has over 20 years experience in Learning & Development and HR management in blue chip companies.


The gig economy is coming to the Global Consulting Business Model

Posted by: Ciara Murphy @ 22nd March 2018

Management consulting is a client-driven industry, and as clients’ needs change, the sector – and the consultancies within it – must adapt quickly in terms of services, structure and operations. The past few years have seen significant transition, particularly in terms of technology, legislation and Brexit, and management consulting firms have had to respond rapidly, while maintaining their competitive edge and ensuring their own long-term growth.

The consulting market is being disrupted especially at competitive levels of consulting. Up to now exorbitant rates have been charged by tier 1 and 2 consulting firms. Often a business, especially an SME will not have the financial wherewithal to afford these rates. They are seeking specialist knowledge, for example on technology or Brexit, as and when required but they also need to get value for money.


A HR consultant can provide peace of mind for SMEs

Posted by: Barry McCall @ 8th March 2018

There was a time when labour relations for SMEs in this county was relatively straightforward. If you treated employees fairly and with dignity you couldn’t go far wrong. That is still the case but our understanding of fairness and dignity has changed over time and is increasingly subject to legal definition.

I came across a quite striking example of this recently. A small company had unwittingly fallen foul of the Organisation of Working Time Act. This arose because overtime had traditionally played a significant role in the way the company carried out its business. Everyone was happy with the arrangement; it meant extra money in pay packets for staff and allowed the firm to manage a degree of unpredictability in its sales profile.


5 Tips on improving your bottom line from one CEO to another

Posted by: John Deegan @ 1st March 2018

Like many who hold CEO roles I have at times felt isolated whilst running the business. Providing advisors and mentors to the CEO’s of start-ups and existing SME’s is, I believe, an invaluable service. For over twenty years I was the managing director of a highly successful electrical and mechanical engineering company. More recently, I have become a business mentor and coach.  I have advised and mentored start-up and existing companies in the IT, Real Estate and Recruitment sectors. I have worked with CEO’s and managers who wanted to improve their sales and marketing strategies to take advantage of new and growing markets. Identifying and focusing on their goals was crucial to seeing measurable improvements in overall sales.

As a mentor, I found it wholly satisfying to witness my clients’ successes. However, there was no ‘silver bullet’ involved in any of these success stories. Rather, it was the basic foundations of setting smart attainable goals that gave my CEO’s and managers the confidence and skills to improve their sales figures and therefore the overall profits of their companies.

These foundations can be summed up in five simple points:

  1. Start with the WHY – why do you want to change your existing sales and marketing strategies?
  2. Give yourself time – a deadline for implementing the changes AND a time-frame for measuring their success.
  3. Review your goals periodically – so they can be renewed if necessary.
  4. Invest in your team – provide confidence building, motivational and upskilling opportunities for you and your team.
  5. Stay positive – believe in your goals, your team and yourself.

Of course, knowledge of the basics is one thing and know-how is another. I have learned from my own experience as a managing director that a problem shared can be a problem solved. I believe that CEO’s can learn from and build on the experience of those who have travelled a similar path.

ReganStein to Focus on The Third Eye

Posted by: Eimear McCarthy @ 23rd February 2018

The Third Eye is the ability to see what might be; potential.  Often a business has potential, but expertise or specific knowledge is missing.

Crucially, however, the financial wherewithal or the business standing can be insufficient to create a senior role and attract the big-hitters in a particular industry.  So business potential isn’t realised, or not as speedily as it might be!

ReganStein, a resource for business expertise available to industry quickly and efficiently, has been recently established in the Irish market to fill this marketplace gap.


Podcast – Q&A with ReganStein Specialist

Posted by: Eimear McCarthy @ 15th February 2018

Listen to ReganStein’s first podcast in which Ciara Murphy, our Operations Manager, talks with one of our highly experienced specialists, David Fitzgerald.  With decades of experience in senior commercial roles and an in-depth knowledge of the charities sector, David brings a wealth of experience to any project he undertakes.


Only Two EU Countries are Ready for GDPR

Posted by: Ciara Murphy @ 26th January 2018

Written by Ciara Murphy, Operations Manager, ReganStein

With just over 100 days to go before GDPR comes into force, this Irish Times article makes for interesting reading – Only two EU states ready for GDPR according to European Commission: 


Leading Edge founder’s new firm to offer expert business advice to ‘lonely’ chief executives

Posted by: Ciara Murphy @ 25th January 2018

Written by Elaine O’Regan, Sunday Business Post

We are delighted to have our article published in the Sunday Business Post on January 21st, 2018.

Joe Aherne, founder of the industry training company Leading Edge Group, has established a new company offering outsourced managerial expertise to companies in Ireland. Aherne’s ReganStein start-up will offer management specialists to companies for short-term projects and part-time roles.

“There are a lot of retired and semi-retired people in the marketplace with fantastic expertise and, equally, a lot of professional women and men who stepped away from their careers for family reasons and now want to step back in,” said Aherne.


Beating Blue Monday

Posted by: Eimear McCarthy @ 15th January 2018

Written by Eimear McCarthy, Marketing Manager

As if January isn’t bad enough, today, Monday, January 15th 2018, has been marked one of bleakest days of the year – the dreaded Blue Monday! While there is no strict science behind Blue Monday, it is acknowledged every year. With daylight hours still short, consistently bad weather along with the hangover of Christmas – financially and emotionally, still looming over all of us, it’s easy to see why the third Monday of the year is linked with lots of people feeling low. So, what can be done to battle the Blue Monday fears?






The Lonely CEO

Posted by: Joe Aherne @ 9th January 2018

Written by Joe Aherne, CEO, ReganStein

Recent research by Ultimate Finance revealed that over 73% of business owners admit to having felt lonely whilst running their businesses. According to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office, there are 248,000 small, medium enterprises (SME) active in Ireland and nearly 1m people are employed by the SME sector, therefore they represent the backbone of the Irish economy. This widespread feeling of isolation throughout the SME community paints a worrying picture for all concerned.


The Role Of The On Demand Chief Marketing Officer

Posted by: Lynn @ 29th September 2017

Marketing is a specialist area that demands high level, specialised skills, but many companies try to take it on for themselves, often in an attempt to reduce the cost of having a full-time Chief Marketing Officer. There is, however, a middle ground that enables you to benefit from the expertise you need without taking on a long-term contract. (more…)

What Is A Business Process Analyst?

Posted by: Lynn @ 29th September 2017

Business, across several industries, is transforming at such a rapid rate that many key roles and positions are developing that have never been considered before. Many business leaders have yet to embrace the potential of outsourcing or the value of such roles as the business process analyst, but it is essential to wise up to such opportunities to develop or risk being left in the dust. (more…)

The Insurance Industry: What’s Changed?

Posted by: Lynn @ 28th September 2017

In common with almost every sector of business today, technology has changed the face of the insurance industry – and will continue to do so, at a rapid pace. This means that only the most adaptive insurance providers will survive, and the advent of flexible working and viable outsourcing offer excellent opportunities for highly skilled professionals to thrive. (more…)

Your Guide To The Digital Business Plan

Posted by: Lynn @ 27th September 2017

No one could deny that market conditions are changing rapidly across every industry, and that the impact of technology is continually shifting the way in which we do business. These changes mean that the traditional business plan, created to share with investors, clients and lenders, is no longer comprehensive in the current climate. (more…)

The Value Of Project Management

Posted by: Lynn @ 22nd September 2017

Project management is all about developing the way that your organisation adapts to change, and the whole culture of a business can be influenced by the approach that is taken to it. Setting up a leadership strategy that develops and enables effective project management is a good way to shift your business towards a more goal orientated enterprise that can move forward positively. (more…)

Developing A Digital Marketing Strategy That Works

Posted by: Lynn @ 21st September 2017

A good digital marketing strategy is complex and requires high level skills to develop, and many businesses fail because they do not have the expertise to get it right. Digital marketing is an essential component of modern business, so it is worth the energy and investment to put in place a strategy that really works. (more…)

Could Payroll Outsourcing Work For Your Business?

Posted by: Lynn @ 19th September 2017

When you aim to streamline your business and maximise your budget, considering the potential for outsourcing can be helpful. Payroll is an area of your business operations that is ideal for outsourcing, since it requires very specialist knowledge that is generalisable and not specific to one company. (more…)

Lead Digital Transformation As A CFO

Posted by: Lynn @ 17th September 2017

A CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, has a vital role to play in keeping up to date the financial systems that enable reliable operations. It is no longer enough to have a mediocre financial set up, and the options available across a wide range of digital platforms are truly impressive. Budgeting and analytics are more versatile – and essentially, more useful – than ever before now that they can be primarily digital. (more…)

Create A Great Talent Management Strategy

Posted by: Lynn @ 14th September 2017

The world of business is experiencing rapid and exciting changes that demand flexible and considered strategies to make the most of available talent. Staying ahead of the competition is not easy, but organisations that are adaptive and prepared to adopt a more flexible approach to hiring will find it easier to ensure sustainable practice. (more…)

Why Do Top Talents Work On A Freelance Basis?

Posted by: Lynn @ 13th September 2017

Freelancing is no longer an option only available to those who wish to work part time or in the creative industries, but rather a viable and exciting way to create a flexible career with an attractive work-life balance. Many companies are embracing the benefits of flexible contracts with highly skilled professionals, reducing their overheads and maximising the expertise available to them. (more…)

Responsibilities Of Business Intelligence Analysts

Posted by: Lynn @ 12th September 2017

Business Intelligence Analysts work with and disseminate high value information throughout organisations in order to inform decision making at every level. This requires high level analytical skills, specialist knowledge, and excellent communicative abilities, so the knowledge that your BIA has a great track record will reassure you that you can expect great results. (more…)

Creating A Great Customer Experience Management Strategy

Posted by: Lynn @ 11th September 2017

How do you know whether your customers are happy with the experience you provide? It’s the most important aspect of any customer-facing business, and it’s much more complex than whether or not your customer service systems are working well. Customer experience refers to the way the customer or client feels about the whole process of working with your company, and most businesses believe that they are providing a much better experience than they actually are. (more…)

The Pace Of Change In The Contemporary Manufacturing Industry

Posted by: Lynn @ 7th September 2017

Here at ReganStein, we value a model that allows you to source top quality talent on a short-term basis, making use of the expertise and knowledge you need for a fixed period. We believe that this is an ideal framework for the fast-paced, diverse world we live in, where the technology we have access to is changing the face of the consumer industry around us. (more…)

The Impact Of IT Systems On Small Businesses

Posted by: Lynn @ 31st August 2017

Many of the people employed in Ireland are running or working for small businesses, and these are often only registered to trade for a short time. These small businesses are often sole traders, or small teams or couples who are setting up in business with excellent ideas and plans. However, they are often let down by the IT systems they choose, and this can be catastrophic for them. (more…)

Grow Your Business By Outsourcing CFO

Posted by: Lynn @ 25th August 2017

If you’re looking to grow your business or take it to the next level of success, you will be aware that the common stumbling blocks for most companies are cash flow related. High-level financial expertise is essential when you are working towards a goal like this, and this is not always immediately available within your existing team. (more…)

What Does Financial Modelling Mean To You?

Posted by: Lynn @ 23rd August 2017

How does your financial model look? Financial modelling is an essential part of any business, but clarity in this area can transform the way you work and your productivity. Working with an expert on a short-term basis is an excellent way to benefit from specialist knowledge and create a sound financial model that carries your business forward. (more…)

When Your Business Needs A CIO

Posted by: Lynn @ 18th August 2017

A CIO, or Chief Information Officer, is a specialist in IT management and strategy. Many businesses do not have the budget to assign this role to an expert, and it may be amalgamated into other, non-specialist roles. The impact on a business of a decision such as this may not be evident immediately, but putting a non-specialist in this position can be hugely detrimental. (more…)

The Essentials When You Need A Marketing Consultant

Posted by: Lynn @ 16th August 2017

What can a marketing consultant do for your business? The answer to this question is, of course, as unique as your business itself. There are many different types of marketing consultant, and all have differing levels of expertise and experience, but finding the right person to work with you can have an enormous impact on your practice and your outcomes. (more…)

Revolutionise Your Business With A Flexible CFO

Posted by: Lynn @ 10th August 2017

Outsourcing the role of Chief Finance Officer, or CFO, can seem like a radical departure from traditional business models, but increasing numbers of businesses are working in this way across the globe. Many highly skilled CFOs are seeking positions that allow them to work on a flexible basis, and this means that the potential for sourcing high-level skills for fixed term positions is excellent. (more…)

What Does A Business Intelligence Analyst Do?

Posted by: Lynn @ 8th August 2017

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the way in which data that informs business development goals is collected, and whether this is taken from internal or external sources. A Business Intelligence Analyst works to communicate high value information throughout an organisation to support decision-making at every level.

Why Hire Specialists?

Posted by: Lynn @ 3rd August 2017

As a manager, you’ll understand the importance of justifying your hiring decisions, especially when considering the costs relative to hiring specialist professionals. There’s no doubt that costs are a crucial factor in business strategy, but it is worth taking the time to weigh up the benefits of specialist input at every level before you dismiss the idea of hiring expertise on a short term basis. (more…)