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Beating Blue Monday

Written by Eimear McCarthy, Marketing Manager

As if January isn’t bad enough, today, Monday, January 15th 2018, has been marked one of bleakest days of the year – the dreaded Blue Monday! While there is no strict science behind Blue Monday, it is acknowledged every year. With daylight hours still short, consistently bad weather along with the hangover of Christmas – financially and emotionally, still looming over all of us, it’s easy to see why the third Monday of the year is linked with lots of people feeling low. So, what can be done to battle the Blue Monday fears?





  1. Get Organised
  1. Go out for Lunch

Beat Blue Monday by organising a work lunch with your fellow co-workers. This is a great way to catch up outside of the office. A change of scene is always good so picking a new cafe/restaurant or somewhere you don’t regularly go would be a nice treat for during the week.

  1. Exercise and Fuel your Body
  1. Be Positive!

If you are really feeling Blue Monday, try and stay positive and make plans after work.

  1. Revisit your New Year’s resolutions

Look back at those new years’ resolutions or the goals you enthusiastically set out that first week in January. Every year we make great plans and the majority of us never follow through. It’s just human nature. For many of us a new job or change of direction may have been top of the list. New year, new career and all that. It’s very easy however to quickly revert back to old habits and tell ourselves the grass isn’t always greener. But what if it is. Have you been thinking that a better work-life balance would make all the difference to you? Often when we start researching our options it seems that work-life balance, while still maintaining your hard-won skillset, is almost impossible to achieve. Perhaps you should take a look at ReganStein. Leave the daily grind of full-time employment and apply your skills in a more flexible way which offers fulfilment of a challenge but without compromising work life balance.

Most businesses look to manage commercial projects and tasks at a more competitive cost-base. Flexible experienced manpower, available when needed, is an appealing proposition, where hiring or engaging staff can be more time-consuming, complex and costly. The ‘liquid’ workforce is here to stay. Why not become part of it through ReganStein.

Having the right work-life balance is increasingly important, with more and more people finding that their working day is getting longer as businesses struggle to keep up with the demand for 24 hour services.

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Take on the January Blues and Blue Monday by making sure to be organised, positive and healthy. Make 2018 a year to celebrate your many triumphs!

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